With ZRG rebrand, it was key to bring the identity into the 21st Century, away from their aged and stereotypical bland logo of old. It needed to embody the vision of a globalised system, progressive thinking, and new age search. Hence, at the core of the logo, was the forward-thinking concept to mix data streams, interconnectivity, and the earth.
Customer-focused, Integrity, Data-driven, Global
Data is the heart that drives our emotion. At ZRG Partners, LLC we are progressive in our proven approach to data-driven global executive search. With a strategic blend of focused search, global reach and collaboration, no task is unachievable. 
Never have we left a profile to chance. The idea of luck shall not pass our walls. With our globally proven approach to executive search, we can ensure high-calibre talent. Put simply, it’s imperative we stick to the high standards of integrity for which the ZRG Partners name stand. After all, our high standards of ethics are second to none.
Client: ZRG Partners
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